Cricket, curry and commerce: India and Australia begin to celebrate things in common as Modi wins heart there

India and Australia share much in common as vibrant, functioning, multicultural democracies. Additionally, curry and cricket seem to have facilitated a better bond between the two countries!Melbourne alone is said to have over 500 Indian restaurants. Butter chicken curry is part of the standard buffet spread on numerous tourist cruise

Revenge isn’t sweet Death Sentece Editorial , Important For Essay

The question of abolishing the death penalty in India has become imminent due to several pending executions of convicts. The last execution was in February 2013, when Afzal Guru, a conspirator in the Parliament attack case, was suddenly hanged in callous secrecy after he awaited his execution for over five

G20 to set up Global Infrastructure Hub

The G20 leaders on Sunday decided to set up a Global Infrastructure Hub to help reduce barriers to investment and improve information sharing for channelising funds into the sector. Located in Sydney, the Hub will contribute to developing a knowledge-sharing platform and network between governments, the private sector, development banks