Kannan Gopinathan IAS Rank 59 2011Sociology Notes Paper 1

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Clean Air, Federalism and Democracy Lessons from a US Court Judgment

Download PDF version The United States Supreme Court’s 29 April 2014 opinion has in it the elements of both further pressure on India for providing greater access to US markets for renewable energy technologies and relevance for the resolution of India’s interstate disputes. This article explains the salient points. Ravindra

The Politics of Secular Sectarianism

Download PDF version The rise of right-wing politics in India is built on the fragmented nature of the struggles waged by the oppressed who constitute the vast majority of the population: “lower” castes, adivasis, working classes and peasants, women, religious minorities, etc. Countering right-wing political imagination would mean a dismantling

In the Making – An Asian NATO?

Download PDF version The devious game New Delhi is playing alongside Washington, Tokyo and Canberra. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s official visit to Australia during 16-18 November, immediately following the G-20 Summit, needs to be particularly noted for the conclusion of a new Framework for Security Cooperation, under which New Delhi