Maldives faces water crisis after fire at its sole desalination plant

India, China and Bangladesh extend potable water supplies to the low-lying archipelago It could take about another 10 days before water supplies are restored in the island of Malé, the capital city of the Maldives. The government of the coral archipelago declared a water crisis after a fire broke out

First global standard to measure greenhouse gas emissions from cities launched

The standard launched in Lima will help cities track their emissions and develop action plans to reduce it The standard will help cities voluntarily report their emissions and compare it with the emissions from other cities (Photo courtesy Flickr) Cities, the main source of global emissions, are central to the

India may dilute stand on Net control

Will back multi-stakeholder approach instead of seeking full governmental control Mumbai, October 21:   India could dilute its stance on the issue of who will control the Internet by supporting participation from the private sector and civil society alongside governments. A note prepared by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology

What is dual citizenship

 On December 23, 2003, Parliament passed the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2003. Those eligible to become citizens of India as on January 26, 1950, could now apply for dual Indian citizenship. Rules giving effect to this were notified in March 2004. Dual citizenship allows the person to live in India indefinitely,

Limits of summit-style diplomacy

While the excitement over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s engagements in the U.S. is high, the expectations from his meeting with President Barack Obama are lower From the very beginning of his tenure when he invited SAARC leaders to New Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made it clear that he intended

Making India Inc. accountable

It is not the responsibility of the government alone to act in order to curb corruption; corporate firms need to be proactive as well in checking fraudulent financial practices The winter session of Parliament witnessed a noisy debate on the black money controversy. Governments of all hues have disappointed the

Being middle class in India

Are differences within the middle class, in income, education, and cultural and social capital, so wide as to render moot any ideological or behavioural coherence to this group? Over the next two months, The Hindu will release the findings of a new survey on the aspirations and anxieties of ordinary Indians. The

Unanswered questions(hindu)

The key takeaway from the meeting that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had with State Chief Ministers to discuss the contours of the new body that will replace the Planning Commission was this: that power and planning should be decentralised and States should be empowered to plan, design and manage schemes