Governors’ Role and Tribal Areas

Download PDF version The institution of the governor has been sidelined in the administering of tribal areas despite clear constitutional guidelines to the contrary. At least apropos this issue, it begs the question whether the institution is relevant to Indian democracy, but for a start, the empowerment of the role

Reclaiming the Crossroads between India and China

Download PDF version Recent years have seen remarkable efforts in establishing transport and trade links across south-western China, Myanmar, Bangladesh and north-eastern India. In the ensuing debates among government and policy circles, railways, highways, and seaways feature prominently relative to the rivers. This article suggests that historically rivers have played

Nurturing Linguistic Diversity in Jharkhand Role of the Mother Tongue epw

Download PDF version It is imperative for the Government of Jharkhand to implement the policy of imparting education in the mother tongue at the primary school level to both enhance the learning of young children and maintain linguistic diversity in the state. Prabhat K Singh ( is with the Department

MGNREGA in Andhra Pradesh’s Tribal Areas epw

Download PDF version India’s scheduled tribes are among the most deprived socio-economic groups and the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee scheme has great potential in tribal areas. While the Andhra Pradesh government has made an effort to ensure implementation of the scheme in the scheduled areas, the gap between

Central Bureau of Investigation Crisis of Legitimacy, Credibility and Accountability epw

Download PDF version Throughout its history the Central Bureau of Investigation has been compromised by its own actions and occasionally by the acts of its directors and political masters. One cannot be optimistic that the CBI can ever function in an independent manner. K S Subramanian ( is a former

The Nationalism of Pseudo-Science epw

Download PDF version Hindutva’s political success always seems inversely proportional to the development of science and reason. The Sangh Parivar’s project of cultural nationalism in India has always rested on the premise of a revival of the “glorious ancient Hindu past” of the country. This envisages a “modern” India which

Internally Displaced Muslims of Western Uttar Pradesh epw

Download PDF version The threats and fear continue for the Muslims affected by the Muzaffarnagar riots in western Uttar Pradesh last year. Added to the pathetic conditions of the camps where they have fled to is the government’s unclear defi nitions and non-transparent relief measures. Even as Muslims continue to

Not Made in Heaven

Download PDF version The political class and society are yet to work together against child marriage. The practice of child marriage in India is a perfect case study of how a harmful custom can continue despite a law prohibiting it and myriad government programmes aimed at its elimination, only because

Staring Down a Precipice

Download PDF version Lima ignored the urgent need to address climate change. They came, they talked, and they almost failed. That seems to be the trajectory of most of the conferences on climate change held under the auspices of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The latest,