A significant achievement

It has been a glorious year for the Indian Space Research Organisation. The successful launch of Mangalyaan into Mars orbit on September 24 on its maiden attempt was the crowning glory. On December 18, the space organisation followed it up with another stupendous success with the first experimental launch of

The visa to good health

The government’s recent announcement on relaxed visa norms for patients from SAARC countries is only the first step, say city doctors, stressing on the need for civic infrastructure development and friendly tourist services Chennai city has almost always been synonymous with medicine. From 1664, when the first British hospital was

Climate Change: glimmers of hope?

Chennakhotapalli, a village on the Bangalore-Hyderabad highway, could be a show case for climate mitigation action. Over a thousand farmers in the area are running projects—like organic agriculture and cooking without coal or wood—under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) that reduce carbon emissions. But most of them are under no

Time to refocus on the LBA

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi met Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on September 27 on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly, she raised the issue of the Land Boundary Agreement (LBA) between Bangladesh and India. Modi said he hopes the process will be taken forward, but did not clarify

Researchers gain insight into how earth’s crust forms

By monitoring how magma flows through cracks in the rock away from a volcano, scientists have shed light on how the earth’s crust forms. When the Baroarbunga volcano in Iceland erupted in August, scientists found that the molten rock forms vertical sheet-like features known as dykes, which force the surrounding

‘Corporates can offer mobile connectivity to 50,000 villages through CSR’

According to estimates around 16,000 companies would spend about Rs.20,000 crore towards CSR activities in 2014-15. The corporate sector through its corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm has the ability to provide mobile connectivity to 50,000 villages, says a report by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)

The B12 factor

Anaemia, fatigue, growth retardation are clinical signs of vitamin B12 deficiency. Sudha Umashanker talks to experts about overcoming it. Vitamins are essential to maintain one’s health and keep the body functioning optimally. Among the various vitamins, one of the essentials is Vitamin B12. In recent times, doctors have noted that

Propagation without proselytisation: what the law says

Legislative and legal history validates the Opposition argument that there is no need for a new anti-conversion law. The Fundamental Right to “propagate” one’s religious faith has always trodden on slippery ground. Legislative history and judicial precedents have remained wary of the tipping point when the “basic human right” to