Making ‘Make in India’ happen

To become a manufacturing nation, India has to quickly move beyond rhetoric to create a clear strategy and favourable policy environment for manufacturing to take off. A close dialogue and partnership between government and the private sector is critical At this moment, the Prime Minister’s “Make in India” campaign appears

Many faces of terror

Sometimes, terror is its own purpose. Militant groups with an identifiable cause often claim responsibility for their acts or choose their targets carefully. But those behind Sunday’s low-intensity explosion in Bengaluru that indiscriminately targeted ordinary people in a crowded public place have chosen to remain anonymous so far. The bomb

A year of man-made health crises

Governments that promise development, growth and human well-being must recognise that these are not possible without investments in health and health systems Over the past year, several significant public health crises have unfolded in India and globally. As this year hurtles to an end, it becomes important to examine these

New worry: Resistance to 'last antibiotic' surfaces in India

: It is the beginning of the end. Hospitals in India are now recording cases of infections resistant to colistin, the last antibiotic available in the world, which was brought back from a 40-year exile in 2005 to treat increasing number of infections resistant to other high-end antibiotics. For now,