Why Bodo Violence Continues to Recur?

The Bodo areas in Assam are witnessing bloodshed once again. The National Democratic Front of Bodoland (Songbijit faction) [NDFB-S] is alleged to have targeted the Adivasi settlers in the two districts of Sonitpur and Kokrajhar, killing nearly 78 and leaving many seriously injured. It appears that this carnage started in

Taking Stock of the Public-Private Partnership in Cybersecurity

Cherian Samuel 2014 was a relatively quiet year for India as far as reported cyber security breaches went. Nevertheless, the reported breaches highlighted the continued vulnerability of critical information infrastructure networks to cyber attack. There were reports that hackers had broken into the server of the Airports Authority of India

Take that moment

In this era of rapid response, is speed taking precedence over substance? A strange thing has happened to time ever since we got caught up in the digital world. From the microsecond (one millionth of a second) to the femtosecond (one quadrillionth, or one millionth of a billionth, of a

Science Congress lauds ‘feats’ of ancient India

Paper claims knowledge of making aeroplanes existed between 6 and 7000 BC The Indian Science Congress made history on Sunday with a symposium on “Ancient Sciences through Sanskrit” that included a paper on the existence of interplanetary aircraft in India around 9,000 years ago, references to “cosmic connection” and a

‘Rishi has given guidelines to make planes‘

Paper on ancient Indian aviation technology claimed sages and scientists had written about aircraft-making as early as 7000 B.C A paper presented on ancient Indian aviation technology at the Indian Science Congress claimed that an ancient Indian rishi had given detailed guidelines for making aircraft. “Maharshi Bharadwaj has narrated guidelines

A case to share more information

The dramatic photograph of a fishing boat ablaze on water and the assertions by the Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD) that it was an “explosives-laden” vessel from Pakistan that blew itself up on being intercepted, has provided some comfort that a force guarding the country’s coastline was able to avert