Can India catch up with China?

In India’s noisy political democracy, the problems are compounded by the existence of multiple political parties with no coherent approach to development The average Indian was slightly better off than the average Chinese in the initial years after Indian independence. But China’s approach to development has varied markedly over the

Regional Disparities in India

Download PDF version Among the various axes of inequality in India, regional disparities have acquired greater salience in recent times, with demands being made for special status for certain states on this basis. What has been completely overlooked in the process is that regional backwardness in India is a moving

Outsourcing Reproduction

Download PDF version The transnational nature of the commercial gestational surrogacy arrangement has become a source of contentious academic debates. The practice of incubating an artificially fertilised foetus in exchange of compensation by Indian women, seeking monetary help, has been attacked and lauded in equal measure. However, the nature of

Undermining Adivasi Interests

Download PDF version The haste with which a public hearing was pushed through for Sesa Sterlite’s expansion of its Lanjigarh facility in Kalahandi, Odisha leads to the assumption that perhaps the acche din promised by the new government are actually for the corporate sector. There seems to be an overt

Why women scientists want the Women’s Science Congress to be scrapped

Participants in the sparsely attended Women’s Science Congress being held in Mumbai on the sidelines of the Indian Science Congress had an unusual demand: they wanted the event should be scrapped. At a panel called “Gender Discrimination in Science” on Monday, delegates explained that it was important to move towards

Moderation warranted

The recent narrow defeat of a resolution in the United Nations Security Council on Palestinian statehood should be read in the context of resistance from the United States and Israel to the territory’s bid for UN membership. In 2012, Washington and Tel Aviv opposed a landmark UN General Assembly vote