Bridge gap between planning and engineering to shift to sustainable mobility

Countries’ policies for sustainable transport have the right intentions, but are incomplete and selective A cycling track in Malaysia (Photo courtesy: Shankar S/Flickr) The Eighth Regional Environmentally Sustainable Transport forum held at Colombo in November 2014 gave an interesting insight into policy formulation, implementation and management of environmentally sustainable transport

Good doctor, poor medicine

The TSR Subramanian committee made no effort to safeguard environment security. It’s pro-industry bias was never in question The Union Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) has been a popular fall guy for the nation’s economic woes. Long delays in grant of environmental clearance to developmental projects have been frequently

HC sets aside disqualification of MLAs

The Patna High Court has set aside the Bihar Assembly Speaker’s November order, disqualifying four rebel MLAs on the grounds of “anti-party activities” and “voluntary surrender of membership.” Background: Four JD(U) MLAs were disqualified from Bihar Assembly for anti-party activities, including cross voting in Rajya Sabha election. After the MLAs

Linkages Between Development and Spread of Extremism: Insurgency in North – East

Introduction North eastern states, also known as Seven Sisters, are burdened by colonial legacy like rest of India. Since independence, there have been numerous secessionist movements and Indian state has repressed them every time. North east is as diverse as rest of India is but one distinguishing feature is that

Fallacies of a Supreme Court Judgment; Section 498A and the Dynamics of Acquittals

Download PDF version A higher proportion of acquittals is often put forward as evidence to suggest that Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code has been continuously misused. This position appears to focus on interpersonal violence, overlooking the various subliminal factors governing the everyday lives of women, such as the

Food Subsidy ;Concept, Rationale, Implementation Design and Policy Reforms

Download PDF version This paper counters negative advocacy about the food subsidy, the public distribution system, and farm price supports. It argues that the public food supply chain for market intervention has a favourable impact on the cost-benefit ratio, poverty reduction, calorie consumption by the poor and productivity-led agricultural growth.