China Renews Push to Curb Data Fraud

After years of trying to correct faulty economic data, China’s government has hit on a new way of dealing with discrepancies.On Dec. 25, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) announced it would no longer use local estimates of gross domestic product (GDP) from China’s 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions.“The

Here’s why China’s economic clout in South Asia economies is now manifest

By Sanjaya Baru It is interesting that so much of the commentary on the surprising outcome of the elections in Sri Lanka last week has a reference to China. The last time one read so many references to the implications of a national election result for China-India relations was when

Top Judge: Justice SK Sinha’s appointment as chief justice of Bangladesh marks a watershed moment in the latter’s history

In a historic move for Bangladesh, Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha has been appointed as the 21st chief justice of the country. Hitherto Justice Sinha was the senior-most judge of the Appellate Division of the Bangladeshi Supreme Court. The appointment now makes him the first non-Muslim to occupy the post of chief

Though people shouldn’t worry about Greece, they should look out for US shale oil prices

Perhaps it’s time market analysts, instead of checking their yields and credit card accounts, started paying attention to historians. And it maybe more than time that investment banks and trading desks hired sociologists and anthropologists instead of number crunchers. There is a reason why the word Grexit is back in

Indian banks in Africa: change agents

India’s engagement with Africa currently is trapped in a discourse from another era. With a change in governance structures and demographics, African countries are keen to elevate the level of trade and investment ties. India is in an advantageous position due to historical linkages but China and the U.S. are

Is Niti Aayog’s sole purpose to deflect the impression that Modi’s government is short of professionals?

Government has replaced the anachronistic Planning Commission with Niti Aayog. Such is the fractious nature of our current polity that even on this rather non-contentious issue, a consensus looks difficult. So the question arises whether Niti Aayog is really needed. I raise this question on two grounds. First, that improving

North Indian ignorance should not smother South’s vibrant chit fund industry

What’s in a name? Juliet famously pleaded for Romeo to drop his surname, so that family rivalry would not block their romance, citing a rose’s unvarying sweet smell whatever you called it to justify her plea. Juliet had not heard of chit funds. Chit funds stink in the eastern and