Need for a new foreign policy vision

Pragmatism as a worldview is characterised by believing in the practical efficacy of whatever works. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s worldview matches well with the realist-pragmatist perspective on international affairs. Critics are accusing him of dismantling Nehruvian legacy of non-alignment as he has been engaging confidently with all major global powers

Restrictions on media coverage of security operations soon

The Government is likely to introduce some limitations on live media coverage of security operations like the Mumbai terror attack so that the evolving situation at hand is not compromised by unrestricted reportage as was the case in the ‘26/11’ attacks. This was disclosed by Union Information & Broadcasting Minister

Freedom and restraint

Though laws are an important part of maintaining communal harmony and restricting hate, more engagement at the social level will play a big role in bridging gaps Pope Francis’s recent statement that he would punch anyone who insulted his mother reminded one of a heated discussion on Salman Rushdie’s The