‘India’s messy democracy impediment in race against China’

India faces serious developmental challenges including its “messy” democracy before it can think of overtaking China, an article in state-run media here said asking India to shed its “Cold War mindset” to improve ties.“More importantly, democracy, which the nation is so proud of, has become a burden for development. For

Unnatural sciences

In Shakespeare’s “As You Like It”, Orlando finds himself in a state of increasing debilitation, lovelorn as he is. Wracked by love, he seeks a cure for his malady. His disguised beloved, Rosalind, meanwhile delights in taunting him about his state. “Love is merely a madness”, she says, echoing a

State power sans public reason

The HinduTHE ARGUMENT CONTINUES: The debate on land acquisition involves a contest between the interest of builders-industry-corporates on the one hand and farmers on the other. Picture shows farmers staging a demonstration against the land Act ordinance in Cuddalore district in Tamil Nadu. The government’s reasoning that the land ordinance

Whose science should we focus on?

The current debate over ancient India’s scientific feats is less about science and more about a cultural `feel good’ factor Illustration: Tarique Aziz India is certainly basking in the glory of its ancient scientific achievements. Starting from the discovery of the “zero” to the “first” flight, the high and mighty