The new entente with the U.S.

The Obama visit is so overwhelming a development that it has hardly evoked dissent. Not since India signed the peace and friendship treaty with the Soviet Union has New Delhi aligned itself so closely with a great power. Anti-Americanism, once the conventional wisdom of the Indian elite, seems almost antediluvian

NGT cracks the whip on quarries near Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve

Special ArrangementA blue metal quarry in TN Palayam near the boundary of Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve in Erode district. Over three dozen illegal quarries on the fringes of the Sathyamagalam Tiger Reserve (STR), which for years have been the source of polluting stone dust and constant din, will have to now

Tapping the offshore wind

The main benefit of going offshore is that wind conditions are known to be steadier and less seasonal and provide power close to load centres compared to onshore For long, Tamil Nadu has not been able to tap the vast potential of wind energy a long coastline offers.While onshore wind

The dynamics of inequality

Occupational and geographic mobility across the region are bridging income and consumption-related disparities, says the World Bank report, ‘Addressing Inequality in South Asia’. The findings accordingly underscore the role of urbanisation and private sector participation as being critical to mitigating socio-economic disadvantages. Inequality should be understood in terms of monetary

Diversified farming ensures sustainable income

Special ArrangementHIGHLIGHT: Several inward sloping terraces have been constructed in the farm to conserve water. The farm of a young farmer, Mr. Joji P. Daniel, in Chittarickal village, West Eleri panchayat in Kasaragod district of Kerala is like a school for enthusiastic young farmers and agricultural students since they get

Farmers asked to cut down on tobacco production

Tobacco Board Chairman K. Gopal on Tuesday exhorted the farmers to go for alternative crops in at least part of their land holdings in view of WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC)’s determination to discourage its cultivation over a period. Inaugurating a two-day workshop for farmers on ‘Sustainable Agricultural

The Hindu Science And Technology (Thursday special) articles compilation

Building a molecular lego to fight malaria and TB We need newer methods and drugs to kill these pathogens mycobacterium tuberculosis and plasmodium falciparum. Tuberculosis and malaria are the most prevalent diseases that kill mankind today. Currently available methods and drugs are unable to stem the tide. This is why