Hike customs duty on raw silk, J&K Governor asks the Centre

he move will protect the livelihood of 30,000 families engaged in raw silk production Source: On January 28, Governor N N Vohra, who is in charge of the administration of Jammu and Kashmir, approached the Union Minister of State for Textiles, Santosh Kumar Gangwar, for increasing the customs duty

Is America the right partner for India to deal with antimicrobial resistance?

The US has largely relied upon voluntary measures to curb the misuse of antibiotics in livestock and poultry farms On the pretext of preventing diseases, poultry farmers use antibiotics in feed to fatten the birds. There is no way to differentiate between disease prevention and growth promotion (Photo by Vikas

Tuskers going tusk-less in Tanzania

The rising number of tusk-less elephants in Tanzania could be due to genetic reasons, not poaching, says the government There has been a resurgence of elephant poaching in Tanzania in recent years (Source: CITES) The number of tusk-less elephants is increasing across Tanzania’s national parks. While this is expected in

Science & Technology – Bytes

BYTESGreening can backfire Source: Javiera Balos Aalvarez AN INCREASE in human-made carbon dioxide in the atmosphere could initiate a chain reaction between plants and microorganisms that would unsettle one of the largest carbon reservoirs on the planet—soil.Princeton University researchers report in a study that soil—which contains twice the amount of

The new entente with the U.S.

The Obama visit is so overwhelming a development that it has hardly evoked dissent. Not since India signed the peace and friendship treaty with the Soviet Union has New Delhi aligned itself so closely with a great power. Anti-Americanism, once the conventional wisdom of the Indian elite, seems almost antediluvian

NGT cracks the whip on quarries near Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve

Special ArrangementA blue metal quarry in TN Palayam near the boundary of Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve in Erode district. Over three dozen illegal quarries on the fringes of the Sathyamagalam Tiger Reserve (STR), which for years have been the source of polluting stone dust and constant din, will have to now

Tapping the offshore wind

The main benefit of going offshore is that wind conditions are known to be steadier and less seasonal and provide power close to load centres compared to onshore For long, Tamil Nadu has not been able to tap the vast potential of wind energy a long coastline offers.While onshore wind