Ebola virus is mutating, say scientists

Several asymptomatic cases detected, which leads to disease spreading more rapidly Ebola virus Scientists in France who first identified the Ebola outbreak last March have warned that the virus causing the disease has mutated. The scientists at Institut Pasteur are now investigating if the Ebola virus could have become more

‘Over 40% of India’s coastline is eroding much faster than estimated’

Lack of effective development planning, unchecked human activities damaging coastline, say experts from government agencies Seawall and breakwater along Puducherry coastline Government agencies in charge of coastal management have raised alarm over fast erosion of India’s coastline. According to studies by the National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management (NCSCM) under

Growing urbanisation in East Asia exposes people to climate change impacts, says World Bank report

Poor urbanisation leads to increase in fossil fuel consumption, forces urban migrants to settle on land prone to natural disasters A family in Rajasthan migrating to Kotpulti town in search of living (Photo : Vikas Choudhary) East Asia is fast urbanising. Between 2000 and 2010, almost 200 million people—the figure

Sundarbans needs a development model sensitive to local biodiversity

Conservationists at an international workshop call for a paradigm shift towards eco-centric development to improve resilience of the fragile delta A vulnerable stretch of embankment in Gosaba block left out of the Sundarbans Embankment Reconstruction Project. Experts say piecemeal work will not help (Photo: Sayantan Bera) For decades, authorities have