Consumer Protection Act : An Unequal Fight

Download PDF version Twenty-five years after the Consumer Protection Act was put in place as a uniquely beneficial social legislation offering “simple, speedy and inexpensive” redressal, all three characteristics seem to have disappeared. Amendments to the Act now being proposed will further erode consumers’ rights instead of addressing existing lacunae.

Caste, Community and Crime

Download PDF version The violence against Pasmanda Muslims in Azizpur-Bahilwara in Muzaffarpur cannot be understood as an instance of conventional communal strife between Hindus and Muslims. This report from the ground indicates that different layers of caste, community, administrative and patronage networks have played a role in fostering the violence

‘Modified’ Foreign Policy

Download PDF version Prime Minister Narendra Modi has invested much political capital in his foreign policy initiatives. Behind the spectacle of the pomp and show, the real test of foreign policy and strategy lies in coherence of design, finesse in execution, and efficacy of outcomes. The first of our new

Mobama’s China Spectre

Download PDF version New Delhi should refrain from being part of Washington’s plans to contain the rise of China. Barack Obama took a break from the Secret Service protocol. He spent some two hours in the open, reviewing India’s 66th Republic Day parade, perhaps looking forward to the day when

No Transparency in Nuclear Deal

Download PDF version We need to know if the Modi government has given hidden assurances to the US administration. A week after Prime Minister Narendra Modi and United States (US) President Barack Obama announced they had reached a “breakthrough understanding” on the question of liability for American nuclear suppliers in

Rajan warns against compromising India’s interest for FDI

Reserve Bank of India Governor Raghuram Rajan, on Monday, warned against compromising India’s interest for the sake of attracting foreign investment, and said the priority should be framing transparent policies as well as resolving contractual tax disputes quickly. “The most stable form of financing, foreign direct investment (FDI) has the

Lost in plantation

Millions of growers and workers are in distress in Kerala, the plantation capital of India, as domestic and international prices of cash crops crash. The crisis exposes the peculiar nature of Kerala’s economy. With two-thirds of its cultivated area dedicated to eight cash crop plantations, it accounts for 46 per