Profitability without accountability

With the Indian government acting in favour of the nuclear industry, contrary to the interests of potential victims of a disaster, the question of liability deserves greater attention In its efforts to promote nuclear commerce with the United States, the Narendra Modi government has run into a dichotomy that lies

Seven more genes tied to brain disability affecting men

Defective genes on the X chromosome cause the disability, which is passed on in a recessive manner Scientists have identified seven more genes that can cause X-linked intellectual disability, which predominantly affects men. Defective genes on the X chromosome cause the disability. As men have only one X chromosome, the

Not measure for measure

With a plethora of government departments and international organisations putting out so much statistical data in the public space, often contradicting one another, it is the government’s duty to clear the air with up-to-date and coherent statistical data linking social and economic indicators Purchasing Power Parity or PPP has validated

The Hindu Science And Technology (Thursday special) articles compilation (February 5th-12th ,2015)

Ebola transmission from dead patients possible The deadly Ebola virus may transmit even from dead patients, says a new study, underscoring the importance of using safe practices for handling corpses. The scientists from the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) sampled five deceased Ebola-infected monkeys and discovered the virus remained