215 million Indians have zero assets

In a country where “inclusion” is the emerging political mantra, an estimated 215 million Indians – roughly the population of Canada and Pakistan combined – are largely excluded from economic progress.These paupers, of sorts, have “zero assets”, which means they do not own a television set, a motorcycle, a mobile phone,

Needed, real inclusion

The scope of the banking ombudsman system needs to be expanded to provide easier redress to small banking customers India’s poor as well as the middle class are quite happy with the banking system. If they have any complaints, these are resolved quickly and efficiently. This is the impression one

A social role for NITI Aayog

The NITI Aayog could throw light on long-term issues, with solutions that are not just economic or technological but also social and political — of strengthening democracy, building institutions and regaining policy space NITI Aayog has had its first meeting with the economic experts. This was crucial since the government