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The Hindu Science and Technology (Thursday special) articles compilation ( Feb 19th – 26th)

Antarctica’s retreating ice may reshape Earth In the worst case scenario, Antarctica’s melt could push sea levels up 10 feet worldwide in a century or two. From the ground in this extreme northern part of Antarctica, spectacularly white and blinding ice seems to extend forever. What can’t be seen is

In search of quality fiscal adjustment

The economy would be better served if budgetary resources are directed at the government taking higher direct stakes in PPP projects and increasing PSU bank recapitalisation Ever since Reserve Bank of India Governor Raghuram Rajan talked about it, “high-quality fiscal adjustment” has become the buzzword for expectations surrounding the contents

Secrecy and information theft

Though the new government at the Centre has done a lot to block unauthorised access to government offices, the recent incident of the loss of data from a key Ministry shows that loopholes are still being exploited and much ground needs to be covered in terms of enhancing security Government

Senselessness in censorship

At the root of many controversies related to the Central Board of  Film Certification are the guidelines formulated by the Information and Broadcasting Ministry Film producer Pahlaj Nihalani, a self-confessed Narendra Modi fan, is in the news again after a list of 28 cuss words devised by the Central Board of