What the ordinance on land acquisition says, and how it divides

1. Consent clause OrdinanceA new category for projects exempted from need for consent and social impact assessment. Exemption extended to defence-related projects, rural infrastructure, housing for poor, industrial corridors as well as infrastructure and social infrastructure projects, including public-private partnerships, where ownership continues to vest with government. Why Cong objectsMost

On the Record: ‘India, EU can gain from a more open trade regime in India’

OSE MANUEL BARROSO was the 11th president of the European Commission from 2004 to 2014. A former prime minister of Portugal, Barroso spoke to Shubhajit Roy when he was in India for the Delhi Sustainable Development Conference earlier this month. Excerpts:  How have India-EU relations changed during your stint as

Remaking the Centre

Over the last few months, political and administrative executive mechanisms have been trying to find a new equilibrium under a new government. The pattern of relationships established in the past has gone through significant change. There is still uncertainty over the role of ministers, secretaries and other civil servants. A

Evidence matters to policymaking

The challenge for the Modi government is to evaluate what works in development programming before making large spending decisions Governments in India have always launched big-ticket social development programmes with ambitious goals. The Narendra Modi government is no exception. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan aims to make India open defecation-free by 2019. The Pradhan

India needs serious, sustained reform with progressive civil service at its core

Reform’ is like the proverbial elephant that the seven blind men attempted to describe. To some, it means opening up this sector or that sector to foreign investment, while to others, it is about making land acquisition easy to build roads, power projects or factories. Still others see reform as