High-optics, modest pacts mark Narendra Modi’s Sri Lanka visit

India stands for a “united Sri Lanka”, but wants an “early and full implementation of the 13th Amendment” that provides for devolution in the Tamil majority Northern and Eastern provinces, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in Colombo on Friday. Mr. Modi, who was speaking at the historic Presidential secretariat after

The Luddites might have been right

In the coming years, some jobs could disappear faster than others. India has to start wondering what to make of the coming technology world Quite early in his 2012 book ‘Robots will steal your job, but that’s ok,’ author Federico Pistono presents an idea known to supporters of technology as

NASA launches 4 spacecraft to solve magnetic mystery

NASA has launched four identical spacecraft on a billion-dollar mission to study the explosive give-and-take of the Earth and sun’s magnetic fields. The unmanned Atlas rocket, and NASA’s Magnetospheric Multiscale spacecraft, soared into a clear late-night sky, right on time. Within two hours, all four observatories were flying free. “Just

Himalayan Meteorology Programme formulated for hill weather: Harsh Vardhan

After severe floods in Jammu and Kashmir and cloudburst in Uttarakhand, the government on Thursday said it has formulated a Himalayan Meteorology Programme for better understanding of weather in the mountainous States. The initiative will help in improving the forecasting very short range up to 6 hours in advance and

Private interests and public ethics (hindu Editorial )

Given the now prevalent culture of leaking confidential information, some scepticism and self-doubt as an indispensable ingredient for democratic functioning is called for Leaks have become a recurrent and common phenomenon in our public life, but are they all equally justified? Should we encourage the culture of leaks along with

Paranoia at work (Greenpeace activist case ) Hindu Editorial

The government has been growingly defensive, almost paranoid, about those non-governmental organisations and activists challenging its policies and programmes. In the instance of Greenpeace activist Priya Pillai, it went as far as labelling her “anti-national”. The Delhi High Court’s intervention, quashing and setting aside a Look-Out Circular (LOC) issued by the government against

The prison house of identity

For Syed Sarifuddin Khan, the suspicion of rape was enough to set alight a tinderbox of regional discontent with the political dispensation, the permanent state of emergency, conflicting identities, thwarted aspirations and vexed histories, into a conflagration that incinerated him The lynching of Syed Sarifuddin Khan, a 35-year-old Assamese man accused of