The Himalayan waters: complex challenges and regional solutions

Countries in the Hindu Kush Himalayan region should recognise the potential of water resources for sustainable development It is difficult to think of a resource more essential to the wellbeing of people and their economies than water, yet managing water resources is a complex and challenging task. The Hindu Kush

Figure it out yourself (Down To Earth)

A striking fact about water in India is the lack of reliable data about all its aspects: total potential, available supply and demand India is the largest consumer of groundwater in the world (Source: Mohd Shefar) INDIA FACES serious challenges to sustain its water resources as agriculture, industry and domestic

Supreme Court strikes down Section 66A, says it violates right to speech

In a landmark judgment on the Right to Freedom of Speech on the Internet, the Supreme Court has struck down Section 66A of the IT Act that prescribes punishment for sending “offensive” messages through computers or any other communication device such as a mobile phone or a tablet, and a