Access to water is a basic right

The elixir of life: It’s everyone’s right SUSAN QUINLAND-STRINGER/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM A court-ordered rule change by Mumbai’s civic body has far-reaching implications for those living in illegal structures in slums Two decades ago, a dramatic shift took place in the rules governing the provision of piped municipal water supply in Mumbai. Access

Everything you need to know about IRNSS

IRNSS-1D, launched on Saturday, is the fourth satellite in a planned seven-satellite Indian navigational system. IRNSS, set to be fully operational by mid-2016, will have a critical application for the Indian armed forces. What is the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS)? It’s a GPS-like regional satellite-based navigation system being

Why a country with world’s best education system, wants reforms now?(DownToEarth)

Finland will now do away with subjects like history, geography, math by next year A school in Finland. (A Creative Commons licensed photo by Leo-setä/Flickr) With Finland, one of the educational hotspots of the world, announcing to stop teaching individual subjects by 2016, stories criticising their move to abandon traditional