Centre reviewing FDI policy in pharma sector

Worried that takeover of key domestic firms could affect availability of low-cost generics NEW DELHI, MARCH 29:   Unabated takeovers of Indian drug companies and negligible investments in greenfield or new projects have prompted the Centre to relook the foreign direct investment (FDI) policy in the pharmaceutical sector. It is examining

Access to water is a basic right

The elixir of life: It’s everyone’s right SUSAN QUINLAND-STRINGER/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM A court-ordered rule change by Mumbai’s civic body has far-reaching implications for those living in illegal structures in slums Two decades ago, a dramatic shift took place in the rules governing the provision of piped municipal water supply in Mumbai. Access

Everything you need to know about IRNSS

IRNSS-1D, launched on Saturday, is the fourth satellite in a planned seven-satellite Indian navigational system. IRNSS, set to be fully operational by mid-2016, will have a critical application for the Indian armed forces. What is the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS)? It’s a GPS-like regional satellite-based navigation system being

Why a country with world’s best education system, wants reforms now?(DownToEarth)

Finland will now do away with subjects like history, geography, math by next year A school in Finland. (A Creative Commons licensed photo by Leo-setä/Flickr) With Finland, one of the educational hotspots of the world, announcing to stop teaching individual subjects by 2016, stories criticising their move to abandon traditional

India’s Conflict Minerals

The gunman at the jungle’s edge lived and died by different names. Some knew him as Prashant, others as Paramjeet. Occasionally he called himself Gopalji, trading the alias with another insurgent leader to further confuse the Indian authorities trying to hunt him down. When I met him, he was fresh

Plastic Peril (DownToEarth)

Waste management is key to keeping the oceans free of plastic waste, new research suggests Marine debris and plastic pollution along Haiti’s coastline (Courtesy: Timothy Townsend) The ocean is the final receptacle of a substantial amount of waste generated on land. Plastic pollution in the ocean was first reported in

India’s next Navigation Satellite enters Orbit after flawless PSLV Launch

India’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle successfully lofted the country’s fourth IRNSS Navigation Satellite into orbit on Saturday, continuing a worldwide drive to launch navigation satellites. Over the course of this week, the United States launched a new Global Positioning System Satellite while Europe launched a pair of Galileo satellites followed