India to surpass China’s economic growth in 2015-16: IMF

India will overtake China as the fastest growing emerging economy in 2015-16 by clocking a growth rate of 7.5 per cent on the back of recent policy initiatives, pick-up in investments and lower oil prices, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said today. “India’s growth is expected to strengthen from 7.2

Modi means business: 10 highlights of PM’s tour of France and Germany( IR ,GS paper 2 )

Here are 10 highlights of Modi’s France and Germany visit: 1. India has huge potential to become a manufacturing hub: Modi to NRIs in Berlin Linking India’s economic progress to national “self-respect”, Modi said on Monday night that the country has huge potential of becoming a manufacturing hub and asked

Government and RBI No Real Stand-off over Macro Policy (GS paper 3 , Economy )

Download PDF version The so-called stand-off between the Reserve Bank of India and the Ministry of FINANCE is not as significant as the media is making it out to be. There is little disagreement between the two on fundamental issues. The stand-off is a reflection of the government’s effort to regain some

Lack of Clarity and Vision in New Mines and Minerals Act ( GS paper 2,Amendments )

Download PDF version Much has been claimed on behalf of the Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Amendment Act that has been enacted by Parliament, but the legislation has introduced a watered-down version of auctions, has many exceptions to legalise the old first-cum-firstserve approach, and ignores previous Supreme Court rulings

Perception and Reality (Executive Vs judiciary ,GS paper 2)

Download PDF version The Supreme Court is compelled to intervene when the executive fails. The Narendra Modi government seems to want to test the tension between the judiciary and the executive. Last month Union Power Minister Piyush Goyal spoke of “judicial overreach” in the context of keeping a balance between

Rekindling the fight against leprosy

The diagnosis and treatment of leprosy, or Hansen’s Disease, is now considered easier and more effective than ever before. Since 1983, the disease is curable with multidrug therapy. MDT was successfully assimilated into India’s health programmes, leading to a reduction in the overall rate of leprosy incidence in the country.

[Mains Answer Writing Practice] Discuss Ambedkar’s views on social justice and his influence in framing of the Indian Constitution.(GS paper 1,Political Science Optional)

[Mains Answer Writing Practice] Discuss Ambedkar’s  views on social justice and his influence in framing of the Indian Constitution. You can Take Help from Following Sources A nation builder’s pride of place (B.R Ambedkkar ,G.S paper 1,Hindu editorial) Admiration sans adherence (B.R Ambedkar ,GS paper 1) B.R. Ambedkar (World Focus

China falls short of backing India for a permanent U.N. seat (GS paper 2, United Nations)

It, however, supported New Delhi’s aspiration of playing a big role in international institutions. China, on Monday, fell short of backing India for permanent membership of the U.N. Security Council (UNSC), despite supporting New Delhi’s aspiration of playing a big role in international institutions. Asked to comment on Prime Minister