Do more roads really mean less congestion for commuters? (GS paper 3, Infrastructure ;Roads ,source- The Conversation)

Congestion is a major source of frustration for road users and has worsened over time in most cities. Different solutions have been proposed, such as introducing congestion charging (a favourite of transport economists) or investing in public transport. One solution that is most often put forward is to build more roads, but does this

World Water Forum prioritises integrated urban planning for water security (Down To Earth , issues related to Urbanisation )

The seventh World Water Forum is meeting in Daegu in South Korea between April 12 and 17. This year’s talks focus on sustainable water management in cities. The forum is organised by the World Water Council, an international network of organisations working on water issues, and governments. On Thursday, experts

Fifth Schedule and the fate of scheduled areas (Down to Earth ,GS paper 2)

Will the Xaxa committee report impact the Supreme Court’s impending judgment on Fifth Schedule? Photo: Arvind Yadav The Supreme Court decides today on the review petition which challenges the constitutionality of Chhattisgarh Tribes Advisory Council (TAC) Rules, 2006. The petition, filed in June 2012 by Chhattisgarh-based tribal rights activists B K

UN Crime Congress adopts Doha declaration on combatting wildlife crimes (Environment and biodiversity,Down to Earth, GS paper 3)

International Consortium on Combating Wildlife Crime (ICCWC) calls on member states to recognise wildlife and forest crime as a serious transnational organised crime and take actions—local and global Photo courtesy: United Nations For the first time ever, wildlife crime has entered the agenda of the UN Crime Congress. The week-long

Holistic approach to farming can mitigate agrarian crisis: M S Swaminathan (Down To Earth, Agriculture,GS paper 3)

M S Swaminathan, well-known agricultural scientist, has flagged the issue of absence of integrated advice for farmers trapped in agrarian crisis. To address the growing dichotomy between farmers’ needs and the response of government and farm universities, the scientist has suggested some measures. Known as the father of green revolution

Decline by degrees (Education, GS paper 1, GS paper 2 ,The Hindu )

O ur universities are changing. Never has the pace of change been this fast, nor the protests this loud. On the rare occasion that the media take notice, the discussion usually focusses on whether or not due procedure has been followed. Given our authoritarian power structures, it is as important