Blow for Net neutrality(The HIndu ,Internet Sci and tech,)

It is no surprise to see online retailer Flipkart pulling out of Airtel Zero, the controversial plan offered by India’s leading telecom provider Bharti Airtel to provide its subscribers free access to select websites. Flipkart had to contain the fallout after Airtel Zero was severely criticised by the proponents of Net neutrality,

A tale of two countries(The Hindu ,GS Paper 3)

The IMF’s forecast that India’s growth will overtake China’s this calendar year and the next is cause for neither surprise nor euphoria. China is deliberately cooling off, after more than two decades of high growth. Meanwhile, India’s purported shift away from consumption-driven growth towards investment is expected to generate the conditions for

Waving the wrong flag(The Hindu ,Internal Security, GS paper 3)

The arrest of the Kashmir separatist leader Masarat Alam Bhat within six weeks of his release from jail shows an early collapse of the ‘healing touch’ policy adopted by the Jammu and Kashmir government led by the Peoples Democratic Party soon after coming to power. Mr. Alam was a known troublemaker with

Do You Feel Distracted? Read how to make it work in your favour.

Most of us—no matter how many time-saving techniques we employ—don’t have enough time to waste. But productivity comes at a cost: having that down time is extremely beneficial. We fightagainst boredom, distraction, and procrastination all the time, but that doesn’t mean you should get rid of them completely. It probably sounds

Land acquisition – Nine steps to nirvana (Indian Express ,P CHIDAMBARAM)

It is difficult to believe that a government will stake so much — risk of defeat in the Rajya Sabha, political capital, support of allies, the Prime Minister’s time — on a mere land acquisition amendment Bill. It is also difficult to believe that the Government has decided to brave

UPSC chief proposes structural changes in civil services papers(Indian Express)

UPSC Chairman Deepak Gupta has mooted a proposal for structural changes in the number of papers to be made part of the selection process, even as he favoured revolving a “foolproof” online system of examinations. He was addressing a three-day conference of chairpersons of Public Service Commissions (PSC) in India