Response Centres for Women Safety (PIB)

The Ministry of Home Affairs is envisaging setting up of an integrated Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) platform for supporting Geographical Information System (GIS) Based Call Taking and Global Positioning System (GPS) based Police vehicle dispatch function that will help to improve the efficiency in responding to women distress calls and

Ahmedabad institute’s invention promises sun-like energy (Science and Tech ,The Hindu )

Scientists at the Institute of Plasma Research were successful in confining plasma, the fourth state of matter, similar to creating sun-like energy in a laboratory. A Gujarat-based research institute has claimed to have made a breakthrough in confining plasma, the fourth state of matter, in a Steady State Super Conducting

Scientists work on DNA barcoding to help conserve ornamental fish (Science and Tech ,The Hindu)

Indian scientists are using a new approach to identify animal species based on genetic labels or barcodes, to monitor and clamp down on trafficking of ornamental fish from the Northeast — a biodiversity hotspot., Examining genetic sequences can help differentiate species with high accuracy. Hence DNA barcoding can be applied

NCDC team in Goa to study Kyasanur Forest Disease (Health ,The hindu )

Till date the disease has claimed four lives A team from the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), Delhi, is presently in Goa carrying out detailed investigation of the outbreak Kyasanur Forest Disease(KFD) and also give expertise in prevention and control measures in the affected areas. Already four persons have

Emissions from biomass burning cross the Himalayas (S & T , ENVIRONMENT ,The Hindu )

The organic acids present in the aerosols serve as a unique fingerprint in identifying the source of pollution. Contrary to the general assumption that the southern slopes of the Himalayas act as a barrier and effectively block the transportation of pollutants from India and other parts of South Asia, a