India’s New Foreign Trade Policy ;Pluses and Minuses (Economy ,GS paper 3 ,EPW )

Download PDF version Despite some steps in the right direction, the new policy has several limitations. This article makes a case for looking at them anew. Biswajit Dhar ( teaches at the Centre for Economic Studies and Planning, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. The long-awaited foreign trade policy (FTP) of

Gujarat’s Anti-Terrorism Bill ;Another Building Block in the Edifice of Authoritarianism (EPW )

Download PDF version The Gujarat Control of Terrorism and Organised Crime Bill is the latest effort at the devolution of authoritarianism. This article discusses four draconian provisions, which seem like a throwback to the days of the Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act of 1987 and the Prevention of Terrorism

Cash for Food–A Misplaced Idea (Direct Benifit Transfer ,Gs paper3 ,EPW)

Download PDF version Direct benefi t transfers in the form of cash cannot replace the supply of food through the public distribution system. Though it is claimed otherwise, DBT does not address the problems of identifying the poor (“targeting”) and DBT in place of the PDS will expose the vulnerable

What makes cities really smart (Smart City ,The Hindu)

Rather than grandiose plans, smart cities should focus on just three things: transportation, e-governance and easy land titling There is no one definition for India’s proposed smart cities. The Ministry of Urban Development provides benchmarks for various services — maximum commute time should be 30 minutes in medium-sized cities and