Farming is not a political game (Agriculture ,Gs paper 3 ,The HINDU))

Given the high investment and negative incentives such as input subsidies, small farmers have not benefited from government schemes. Everything about the suicide of the farmer from Dausa, Gajendra Singh, save the tragedy for his family, has been theatre — the very public venue, the occasion of a political rally,

Land, development and democracy (Development issues, land aquisition ,Essay,Hindu )

India cannot continue with a pattern of industry that yields so few jobs but has such a large ecological footprint. Neither can it be excited by the urban nightmares that its cities are today. The land law debate must be the occasion to talk about these key national agendas The

Go for ‘same services same rules’, Internet body to TRAI (Indian express ,Net Neutrality )

Internet service providers’ body ISPAI has suggested that regulator TRAI adopt ‘same services same rule’ to define Net neutrality while agreeing that there should be no discrimination in accessing the Internet in terms of pricing or speed. “In our opinion, ‘same services same rule’ policy should be adopted and it’s

India ranks 117 out of 158 nations on global happiness index (Indian Express )

Switzerland has been named the most happiest country in the world, coming in at the number one spot on the 2015 World Happiness Report published by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), which is a global initiative for the United Nations. The other countries in the top five are Iceland,