A disaster waiting to happen(Hindu ,Disaster managment ,GS Paper 3 , Essay)

The unchecked growth of unauthorised colonies has compounded the problem Delhi and NCR may have escaped the wrath of Saturday’s earthquake but it is virtually sitting on a faultline. A major earthquake measuring six or more on the Richter scale may spell disaster in the city, which is seeing unbridled

How safe is Uttar Pradesh from quakes?(Disaster Managemant , Earthquake , hindu)

Even as the massive tremors shook large parts of Uttar Pradesh, it was the alluvium cover in the Indo-Gangetic Plain, which acted as a cushion and prevented large-scale damage in the State. In geological terms, the State falls in the “safe” zone as the alluvium cover acts a “shock absorber.”

RS passes Bill on transgender rights (The Hindu , GS Paper 2 ,Issues Related to vulnerable Section )

Rare enactment: Private member’s Bill In a rare action, a private member’s Bill protecting and providing rights for transgenders was passed by the Rajya Sabha on Friday. The Bill also guarantees reservation in education and jobs, financial aid and social inclusion. This is the first time in 45 years that