Now Self- test kit for HIV

The first HIV self-test kit that allows people to get a result in 15 minutes at home, is now on sale in Britain, media reported on Monday. The do-it-yourself test is made by company ‘Bio Sure UK’ and can be bought online, BBC reported. It works just like a pregnancy

Diversity deficit across apex bodies of parties(Essay,Hindu)

The BSP is an exception, where the majority of the members in the Central Executive Committee (CEC) belong to the Scheduled Castes. The top decision-making bodies of India’s national political parties are largely upper caste Hindu male domains, an analysis by The Hindu shows. While the Bahujan Samaj Party is the most

Earthquakes and Seismic Waves ;Everything You need to know

What Are Plate Tectonics? Seismic Zones Recycling of Crustal Material What is an earthquake?What are Seismic Waves? Magnitude and Intensity of an Earthquake Richter Scale for Earthquakes What Are Plate Tectonics? To experience the plate tectonics–the jostling of giant plates that carry continents and oceans–try this experiment: Hold your hand

Deeper local participation in markets only way to counter foreign fund fluctuations: Hitendra Dave (EconomicTimes ,Economy ,GS paper 3)

Capital account convertibility, more derivative trading in bonds and currencies, and the risk of corporates not hedging their risks are some of the issues dominating the thought of the Reserve Bank of India. Hitendra Dave, managing director, head of Global Markets at HSBC in India, the biggest in the money

What is capital account convertibility? (Economic Times,GS paper 3 )

What is capital account convertibility? In a country’s balance of payments, the capital account features transactions that lead to changes in the overseas financial assets and liabilities. These include investments abroad and inward capital flows. Capital account convertibility implies the freedom to convert domestic financial assets into overseas financial assets

Currency Convertibility: Advantage, Benefits and Preconditions for Capital Account Convertibility (GS paper 3 ,Economy )

Currency Convertibility: Advantage, Benefits and Preconditions for Capital Account Convertibility! For the rapid growth of world trade and capital flows between countries convertibility of a currency is desirable. Without free and unrestricted convertibility of currencies into foreign ex­change trade and capital flows between countries cannot take place smoothly. Therefore, to

Is time ripe for the plunge? (Economy ,GS paper 3 ,The Hindu )

Full convertibility It is not for the first time that the topic of full convertibility of the rupee, as capital account convertibility is otherwise called, has engaged policy-makers at the highest levels. Just this month the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Raghuram Rajan and the Minister of State for

Parliament unbound (RoleOf The Lok Sabha Speaker ,GS paper 2 ,TheHindu )

Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan found herself in the eye of the storm last week after she delivered two almost identical rulings on consecutive daysexpunging jibes targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A heated debate followed, with an enraged Opposition unitedly questioning her on Thursday on whatever was “unparliamentary” in Aam