Two-way manned trips to Mars possible with electric solar sail (Space Technology ,GS paper 3 ,Sci and Tech,The Hindu )

Propellant-less vehicles can mine asteroids for water, making fuel for heavy rockets available in space. Electric solar wind sail could make two-way manned Mars flights possible by making fuel available in Mars orbit, researchers claim. In the heart of this scheme is the electric solar wind sail (E-sail) which provides

Challenge of agrarian distress (Agriculture .The Hindu)

Everything else can wait but agriculture cannot, said Jawaharlal Nehru. This should have been the talisman for India’s progress. Yet, successive governments have failed to accord agriculture the priority it deserves. The tragic suicide of a farmer during an Aam Aadmi Party rally in New Delhi has brought to the fore the

Making eco-friendly toilets (The Hindu ,Waste management ,Environment)

M_Karunakaran CHENNAI, 12/07/2014: A view of Chennai Corporation’s modern bio toilets near footpath at Elliots Beach, Besant Nagar, Chennai on July 12, 2014. Photo: M_Karunakaran Bangalore-based researchers have developed a permeable reactive barrier (PRB) toilet which uses a mixture of sand and bentonite clay. While thousands of toilets prop up

Algorithms are like invisible judges that decide our fate (Sci and Tech ,The Hindu )

Companies now use ‘voice analysis’ software to determine whether to hire us. And, once we’re employed, to predict if we’ll stay Imagine that you’re a contestant in an audition round of The Voice, where you belt out your best I Will Always Love You. A minute passes. No reaction from the