PIB Compilation March 2015 Download

Download (PDF File) Download (Word File) International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) An International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) is set up at Gandhinagar, Gujarat as a part of a Special Economic Zone (SEZ). The key features of these regulations will be that any financial institution (or its branch) set up in the

A review of the draft Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2015( Downto earth ,Gs paper 3 ,Waste management,Environment )

The new rules propose to increase the thickness of plastic bags to 50 microns so that their cost discourages people from using them. But penalties need to be made stricter for better implementation Photo: Swati Singh Sambyal The draft Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2015, has initiated the inclusion of several

Two-way manned trips to Mars possible with electric solar sail (Space Technology ,GS paper 3 ,Sci and Tech,The Hindu )

Propellant-less vehicles can mine asteroids for water, making fuel for heavy rockets available in space. Electric solar wind sail could make two-way manned Mars flights possible by making fuel available in Mars orbit, researchers claim. In the heart of this scheme is the electric solar wind sail (E-sail) which provides