Estimates and Analysis of Farm Income in India, 1983-84 to 2011-12(Fodder on Agriculture , epw,essay)

Download PDF version This paper presents estimates of farmers’ incomes from agriculture over the past three decades. The income earned by farmers from agricultural activities after paying for input costs and the wages for hired labour has seen low to high growth in different periods during the last three decades.

Big Data to Improve Urban Planning(Urban Planning,epw,SciTech)

Download PDF version Data analytics is a frontier field where the tools and techniques are still being developed. Expertise, a critical input, is in short supply, the other being access to data. Even so, Colombo-based LIRNEasia has demonstrated the value of mobile network big data for urban planning in Sri

Data, Urbanisation and the City(SciTech,Plity ,epw)

Download PDF version By using the enormous processing capacity of computing that is now available, we can, it is claimed, improve how cities are governed–make them smart! This review attempts to illuminate how data reveals relationships between citizens and the state and thus facilitates an informed debate on whether data

The Four Parts of Privacyin India(epw,essay,)

Download PDF version Privacy enjoys an abundance of meanings. It is claimed in diverse situations every day by everyone against other people, society and the state. Traditionally traced to classical liberalism’s public-private divide, there are now several theoretical conceptions of privacy that collaborate and sometimes contend. Indian privacy law is

Comparing Census and NSS Data on Employment and Unemployment(epw,Fodder for GS)

Download PDF version The census and National Sample Survey both provide employment and unemployment data. This article identifies broadly comparable indicators of employment, underemployment and unemployment from the two data sets and finds that Census 2011 estimates of unemployment are far higher than those of the NSS 68th round. This

Silk Routes versus Sea Lanes The Return of Landlubbers(IR,Economics,epw)

Download PDF version The Chinese strategy is to build rail and road links over the Eurasian landmass to escape the vice-like grip over maritime trade routes exercised by the United States and its allies. An exploration of the possible consequences, drawing on history, for China, the Western powers, India and

India’s Killer Heat Waves( epw, Fodder for GS and Essay)

Download PDF version Heat waves do not kill, poverty and governmental apathy do. The heat waves in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Odisha, Telangana and other states have killed over 1,200 people so far. The poultry industry in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh has reported high bird mortality and losses amounting to over

Scanning kidneys becomes easy( Sci-tech,Health ,

Preliminary results have been published recently in the 2014 IEEE 16th International Conference on e-Health Networking, Applications and Services Thanks to software developed by IIT Hyderabad researchers, semi-skilled persons can use an ultrasound imaging device to perform preliminary diagnosis to classify a kidney as either normal or abnormal in terms