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How the U.S. Can Counter China in Asia(WORLD PACIFIC RIM , Time)

The Trans-Pacific Partnership offers a new solution A historic debate over trade is now heating up in Washington. President Barack Obama hopes to persuade Congress to grant him fast-track trade authority to help complete negotiations over the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a massive multilateral deal involving the U.S. and 11 other

Will India become like China or Mexico?(Agriculure , current affair , Essay)

Developing economies are besotted with the Chinese growth model. Or, rather, what they fondly imagine to be China’s growth model. Success has many fathers, and China’s extraordinary growth has led to many claims of paternity. The liberals believe it is China’s conversion to capitalism, red in tooth and claw only,

Land reform in reverse gear in Asian countries, says report (Down To Earth ,Land reforms )

It claims that 6 per cent of farm owners hold two-thirds of agricultural land in the continent, putting livelihoods of millions of small farmers at risk Photo: Chris Graham/AusAID/Flickr-CC BY 2.0 Asia is seeing high consolidation of land and land reform is moving in the opposite direction, says a report

Scrapping the UGC ;Corporate Agenda under Knowledge Economy (EPW ,GS paper 2 )

Download PDF version This article argues that none of the reasons and objectives stated by way of justification for the replacement of the University Grants Commission by the National Higher Education Authority are genuine. There is no compatibility between the nature of problems identified and the functional capability of the

Reflections on Indian Political Economy (Essay ,GSpaper 3,EPW )

Download PDF version Thirty years after The Political Economy of Development in India was published, its author explores what has changed and what has not changed in India today. Pranab Bardhan ( teaches at the University of California, Berkeley, the US. This is a slightly edited version of the opening

Deconstructing Ambedkar (GS paper 2 ,Political Science (IPT) ,EPW )

Download PDF version Ambedkar’s samata is not samrasata and his world view is not the neo-liberal, social Darwinism that it is being made out to be. If the number of statues, memorabilia, pictures and posters, songs and ballads, books and pamphlets, or the size of congregations in memory of him

West Asia: Distortions Revealed (IR,Yemen Crisis ,Source; Gateway House )

The proxy battle for supremacy between Saudis and Iranians is highlighted by Saudi Arabia bombing Yemen this week. These distorted wars can pull Pakistan into a West Asian identity, amid blood and tear.The Saudi Arabian bombing on Yemen last week has revealed clearly the distortions in the wars in West

Learning from Beijing; Tackling Delhi’s Air Pollution Challenge ( ,GS paper 3,IDSA,Pollution )

As recent data shows, Delhi has the worst air pollution among all the world capitals.1 Delhi had earned this dubious distinction at the start of the 21st Century as well, when air pollution reached a peak. However, judicial intervention, a quick overhaul of the public transport system, improvements in the road