Towards a factory model ( Frontline ,Education ,GS paper 2 )

The introduction of the Choice Based Credit System in Central universities, many educationists feel, aligns education with industry needs instead of encouraging independence and critical thinking. By AJOY ASHIRWAD MAHAPRASHASTA IN what seems to be yet another radical reform aimed at energising higher education, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has

CASTE CENSUS Critical exercise (Fronline )

The comprehensive survey under way in Karnataka, ostensibly to collect social and educational data, is also a political exercise as it seeks to enumerate caste and thus provide crucial data that can help political realignments of caste groups. By VIKHAR AHMED SAYEED THE comprehensive house-to-house social and educational survey undertaken

China’s surplus & strategy (Frontline )

China takes control of its foreign exchange surplus and leverages it in Asia’s infrastructure development, an area long abandoned by governments and banks, redrawing the Bretton Woods-derived world financial architecture in the process. TO the politically inclined, infrastructure lending may sound like an innocuous political terrain that is of interest

House panel questions NITI role in state fund allocation (Indian Express. GS paper 2)

A Parliamentary panel has questioned the allocation of Rs 20,000 crore in 2015-16 to the newly constituted NITI Aayog and has asked the finance ministry to explain why the erstwhile Planning Commission was dismantled if even its replacement would continue with fund disbursement to states. “The Committee would like to be

Belling the mice ;Addressing administrative corruption is the easy part. Policy corruption is more difficult to tackle. (Indian Express,Corruption,Amendment )

Over the past 10 years, we have seen a very corrupt Central government. State governments have not been far behind. The present Union government took over with a promise of “clean administration” and the tone at the Centre has changed in the past few months. The once venal ministries of

Another brick in the wall…(The Hindu ,Education ,GS paper 2 )

Education has been reduced to the level of ‘teaching for testing’. The individual is completely lost. All that is visible are aggregates of a tiny part of the human capability, measured through tools of suspicious reliability A few weeks ago, the media captured the stark and shocking image of people — family

More power to skilled hands (Industry,Gs paper 3 ,The Hindu)

The Hindu CULTURAL SYMBOL: “Indian handloom is more than a potential global economic force; it is also our identity.” Picture shows handloom weavers at work in Thiruengoimalai near Thottiyam in Tiruchi district, Tamil Nadu. Handlooms are the one area where India leads the world in skill, creativity and expertise. The

The Great Game Folio: Mukherjee in Russia (C.Rajamohan ,Indian Express ,IR )

Mukherjee in Russia President Pranab Mukherjee’s visit to Moscow to join the celebrations marking the 70th anniversary of the Allied victory in World War II is important for more than one reason. The president’s presence at the Victory Day celebrations in Russia on May 9 for the first time is