Black Money Bill passed by Lok Sabha [ All you need to know about the Black Money Bill ] (GS paper 2, Business Standard)

The government on Friday introduced the Undisclosed Foreign Income and Assets (Imposition of Tax) Bill, 2015, popularly called the black money bill, in the Lok Sabha.  The salient features of the Bill are as follows: Scope:  The Act will apply to all persons residing in India. Provisions of the Act will apply to

Delhi’s coal conundrum (Pollution , Power, Polity)

Should Badarpur thermal power plant in Delhi be allowed to operate? Badarpur plant (Photo: Sai Siddhartha N) In India, policy makers and generating companies assert that coal-based power is crucial to meeting India’s energy needs since it is cheap. We, as environmentalists, have grudgingly come to accept this argument, despite

US non-profits introduce new industry standard for antibiotic use in poultry(SciTech)

The standard developed by these organisations and certified by the US Department of Agriculture advocates minimal antibiotic use in chickens Chicken is the most popular food item served in US schools ( Credit: Mouna Nagaraju) Two United States-based non-profits have come up with a new standard for antibiotic use in

[Audio] All India Radio – News Analysis [September 2014 to April 2015]

AIR – News Analysis April 2015 Dialogue on PMs Three Nations Visit Dialogue on India France Cooperation  Dialogue on India Canada Cooperation Dialogue on Significance of Mudra Bank Dialogue on India Afganistan Relations Dialogue on GST – A milestone in TAX Reformes Dialogue on Juveniles accused of hinious crimes  Dialogue

CSAT Will Remain In UPSC -Govt unlikley to roll back UPSC aptitude test in preliminary examination

The government is unlikely to roll back the aptitude test — introduced in 2011 — from the civil services preliminary examination and would stick to the 2014 format that kept English comprehension out of the first stage of the three-phased exam. Faced with protests on the streets and disruption in

Will last year’s predicted El Niño happen this year?(Geography ,Climate , GS Paper 3)

Like last year, this year also there is build-up of warm water in the equatorial Pacific from the surface to a depth of around 200 m The threat of an El Niño has not gone away for Australia. (thinboyfatter/Flickr, CC BY) This time last year we were preparing for a possible