‘India’s nukes driving China’s n-modernisation’

U.S. report cites huge difference in defence spending of China and India India’s nuclear weapons force is one of the drivers for continued Chinese nuclear force modernisation, the U.S. Department of Defence said in its annual China report, “Military and Security developments involving People’s Republic of China,” submitted to the

Climate change and earthquake hazard (Down to Earth )

Is there a link between monsoon rains and earthquakes in the Himalayas? Roland Burgmann, professor at Department of Earth and Planetary Science, University of California, Berkeley, answers the query in an email interview with Anupam Chakravartty Roland BurgmannAn article in the American magazine, Newsweek, says rains may be triggering earthquakes

India performs poorly in sanitation and water accessibility(Down to Earth ,Development issues,GS paper 2)

A global index finds no significant correlation between GDP and performance as China and India, the two fastest growing Asian economies, are nowhere in the top five category India has performed abysmally by occupying the 93rd position in the global index on water and sanitation even after the launch of

To China with a clear strategy (The Hindu ,IR, Gs paper 2 )

The combination of an excess of nationalism, belief in exceptionalism, and of the inevitability of a Sino-centric world is an aspect India cannot overlook during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to China. He must focus clearly on the strategic aspects of the relationship, and less on trade and economic ties.

How an El Nino works

An El Niño weather system is forming over the Pacific Ocean this summer, and scientists are watching closely to see how strong the event might be. The answer could help determine how high global temperatures will rise this year, how severe a drought could afflict Australia and Asia, and whether or not

Govt. set to grant citizenship to Hindus from Bangladesh (polity,citizenship,IR, GS Paper 2)

Home Minister to submit a policy document to the Supreme Court soon. The BJP-led NDA government is set to move forward on the question of granting citizenship to Hindu immigrants from Bangladesh and is expected to submit a policy document to the Supreme Court soon. The document, being formulated by