The Railways needs new policy signals(Gs Paper 3, Current Affair , Hindu Businessline)

The Debroy panel makes some noteworthy suggestions. A regulator accountable to Parliament is a desirable step India has adopted the mixed economy approach as a mantra. The same applies to the Bibek Debroy Panel’s treatment of private participation in the Railways. It does not recommend privatisation of the Railways anywhere

India, China ink 24 agreements: Here’s the list(IR , Gs PAper 2, Current Affair ,China,)

India and China on Friday inked 24 agreements after talks between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Premier Li Keqiang Beijing. These are:  Protocol on the setting up of consulates-general at Chengdu and Chennai Extension of the consulate general of India in Guangzhou to include Jiangxi province. MoU in the field

New solar technology from Sweden claims to be the most efficient(DTE,Solar Energy , GS Paper 3, Sci Tech , GS Paper 2)

Photo courtesy: Website of Ripasso Energy Swedish company Ripasso Energy successfully demonstrated a new concentrated solar power (CSP) system that provides electricity by combining a Stirling power converter with a parabolic mirror. It claims that the system sets the world record for generating electricity at capacity utilisation factor (CUF) of

Four smart ways in which design is helping conserve water, improve its quality and help public health( GS Paper 2 , Gs paper 3 , Water Conservation , Environment

Four smart ways in which design is helping conserve water, improve its quality and help public health. By S. Vishwanath We are used to taps of many shapes, sizes and design for our bathroom and kitchen sinks. A foot tap is a small and friendly device to operate water flows

A unique vaccine for lifetime protection against flu(IndianExpress , Sci Tech,GS Paper 2,Heath)

A unique vaccine for lifetime protection against flu Scientists are now investigating a vaccination that offers lifelong protection against the infectious disease. Recent research from an Australian university has unveiled that flu-killing immunity cells memorise different virus strains, a clue which could help develop a unique vaccine for lifetime protection against

Free speech is not an absolute right: SC ( Hindu , GS paper 2 , VVI Topic)

 Noting that free speech is not an absolute right, the Supreme Court on Thursday held that poetic licence does not mean having nationally revered figures like Mahatma Gandhi mouth obscene words. The apex court said in its judgment that when the name of Mahatma Gandhi is alluded to or used

Antibiotic resistance a big threat to TB treatment in India (Health ,SciTech ,GS Paper 2, )

TB programme grappling with lack of funds; weak enforcement of standards another problem An MDR-TB patient (Image courtesy: Partners in Health, A joint initiative of the government, independent experts and civil society has found that multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) is emerging as a major health problem in India. Moreover, delay

Introduction of ‘data exclusivity’ in pesticides Bill will affect farmers(Agriculture, Farmer,Polity,SciTech)

Certain clauses in the Bill threaten to delay the entry of affordable generic products in the market The Bill has the potential to create legal monopoly for agrochemicals and pesticides, making them unaffordable to small farmers ( Credit: Meeta Ahlawat)While the Centre failed to introduce the Pesticides (Amendment) Bill, 2008,

Civil Services Examination 2015 Notification Delayed ( Not Coming On 16.05.2015)

Following is the message given by UPSC on their website The , Civil Services Examination 2015, which was scheduled to be notified on 16.05.2015 is now being postponed.  The revised date of notification will be intimated in due course. Source UPSC Please follow and like us: