Takeaways from China (The Hindu ,IR )

Takeaways from China 1For enhanced border defence cooperation, a “hotline” to work between the Military Headquarters Read more 2ISRO and China space agency to sign Space Cooperation Outline for Deep Space Exploration Read more 3Sisterhood between Karnataka & Sichuan; Aurangabad & Dunhuang, Chennai & Chongqing, Hyderabad & Qingdao Read more 4Extend electronic tourist

Capital account convertibility: an inescapable choice? (The Hindu,GSpaper 3 )

Keeping any restriction for too long could prove self-defeating, says RBI Executive Director G Padmanabhan, Executive Director of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), has suggested that India should move towards making the rupee more convertible for capital transactions by foreign investors. Addressing a meeting at MSNM Besant Institute of