What ails science in India? (The Hindu ,Essay )

Most universities have poor-quality teaching labs let alone research labs. Unlike other countries, India successfully sent a spacecraft (Mangalyaan) to Mars in its first attempt. But the country has failed to produce any path-breaking research or Nobel Laureates for the last several decades. And in all likelihood, India may not

State of flux in Delhi (The Hindu ,GS paper 2)

Partial statehood, Delhi’s peculiar constitutional situation, has posed challenges before every government that has ruled the national capital since 1993, the year an elected Vidhan Sabha was reinstated in Delhi. Central to this is the prickly issue of an elected government being forced to share powers with a non-elected Lieutenant

There’s no free Chinese lunch…(IR ,GS paper 2 .The Hindu )

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is being termed as a ‘game and fate changer’ for Pakistan. But if the past is prologue, the new projects under it may not have much of a future, and both Pakistan and China know this. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), around which 51 agreements were

Bad loans are bad news (Economy ,The Hindu )

With the Indian economy not picking up speed as was being anticipated, the spotlight is on the banking industry. It has been asked why the industry has been reluctant to pass on the double-dose rate reduction effected by the Reserve Bank of India in twin instalments outside the policy cycle this year. The answer

Upgraded detector to study gravitational waves (Science and Tech. ,GS paper 3 ,The Hindu )

Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) underwent upgradation recently. Last year, there was much excitement as scientists at the BICEP2 telescope at the South Pole claimed to have gathered evidence of gravitational waves that were released shortly after the Big Bang. However, it was later shown that intergalactic dust had led

Real-time identification of algal blooms a reality (Science and Tech,GS paper 3 ,The HIndu )

Researchers will now be able to quickly understand how parts of North Arabian Sea turn deep green and straw yellow at times. Without venturing into the sea and through in-situ observations, ocean researchers can now quickly understand how parts of North Arabian Sea turn deep green and straw yellow at

India’s eye on universe ready for tests (Science and Technology ,GS paper 3 ,The HIndu )

Astrosat launch in October, to provide useful data for country’s astronomers A fully assembled Astrosat, India’s first space observatory, is ready for intensive tests here before its launch around October. The Indian Space Research Organisation said on Tuesday that the 1,650-kg spacecraft would orbit Earth equatorially at 650 km and

Important Current Affairs April 2015 Xaam Compilation with PDF Download

Click Here To Download The Xaam April 2015 Current Affair Compilation Person in News Nasim Zaidi Election Commissioner Nasim Zaidi was appointed as the next Chief Election Commissioner. President Pranab Mukherjee has cleared his appointment, a Law Ministry statement said. Zaidi will have a tenure up to July, 2017 when he attains the age of