The distant goal of cooperative federalism (The Hindu ,Polity ,GS paper 2 )

For working India’s federal system, one has to go beyond brute parliamentary majorities and grapple with the multilevel government-opposition matrix, which is the architecture of Centre-State power-sharing Apart from the promise of providing a Congress-free India, the most frequent leitmotif of Mr. Modi’s electoral campaign was that he would usher

The changing map of India from 1 AD to the 20th century(History)

India’s history is speckled with the ruins of empires. Kingdoms have periodically risen here, expanded and fallen, reshaping with them the region’s culture and identity. Amateur historian Thomas Lessman, who has been researching world history for over 20 years, has created a series of maps of India showing these shifts

Centre gives L-G Najeeb Jung absolute powers to appoint bureaucrats (Polity ,in News So imp for 2015 Pre )

In the midst of a raging row over his powers vis-a-vis AAP government, Delhi’s LG has been given absolute powers by the Centre in appointment of bureaucrats for which he need not “consult” the chief minister on subjects like senior staff, police and public order. The Anti-Corruption Bureau of the

Notification for Civil Services Examination, 2015 has come.

So finally the UPSC Notification 2015 has come out with a bang.  The 30 page UPSC notification 2015 can be downloaded from the link given above. Application form for UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam Applications will be online only. For the website for applying for the Preliminary  Exmas: Click Here  Last Date

Can carbon-negative be the next step? (Down To Earth ,Environment,Climate Change )

Carbon-negative technologies sequester more carbon than they release. But experts say they cannot be a substitute for reduction of greenhouse gases Among the various strategies scientists are working on to tackle climate change, carbon-negative technologies have gained a lot of attention in the past couple of decades. As the name

Decision on global antimicrobial action plan expected today (Down To Earth ,Health )

Discussions on the draft global action plan on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) are in progress at the 68th World Health Assembly (WHA) currently being held in Geneva. Last year, the 67th WHA had asked the World Health Organizations’s (WHO) director-general to draft a global action plan to combat antimicrobial resistance. The