Heat wave killing flying foxes( Hindu,Environment ,Biodiversity )

As the temperatures soar, they are being found dead beneath the trees where they nest this hot season. The unprecedented heat this summer has proved a bane to the flying foxes (pteropus scapulatus), whose population is already dwindling. They mainly inhabit temperate and sub-tropical coastal areas — often close to

Caged parrots and the steel frame(Polity ,PubAd , Hindu Editorial,Essay)

A principal charge levelled against civil servants, post-retirement, is that they speak up too late. This is unfair and uninformed criticism. The fear of reprisal lasts much longer even after one has hung up one’s boots. The former Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) Chairman Pradip Baijal’s interesting account of

An issue mishandled(Hindu Editorial , Reservation )

After yet another stand-off with agitating Gujjars the Rajasthan government has caved in, announcing that it would provide the community 5 per cent reservation in jobs. This will be over and above the 50 per cent reservation extended to backward classes and scheduled castes and tribes. And crucially, the provision will be

Mounting coal piles add to doubts on India growth passing China(Economy)

India will probably report on Friday that it’s the world’s fastest growing major economy. Yet unused coal piling up at power plants across the country tells a different story. Plants monitored by the power ministry had an average stock of 20 days as of 24 May, compared with 12 days