Know What you are eating .(Science and Tech,Business Line)

MSG, stabilisers, emulsifiers, preservatives … how they help processed food, and may or may not help you Have you ever looked at the list of ingredients on a packet of processed food? It seems like an interminable list – yeast extract, emulsifiers, stabilisers, class II preservatives, high fructose corn syrup,

An inappropriate appointment (National Human Rights Commission ,GS paper 2 ,The Hindu editorial summary )

 Read Original Article here (THE HINDU EDITORIAL simplified keeping in mind the demands for UPSC GS paper 2. Enjoy reading and donot forget to leave your comments. ) Context -Appointment of Ex CJI P.Sathasivam as Chairperson Of NHRC(now Governor of Kerela ) National Human Rights Commission; Set up under the

An inappropriate appointment ( NHRC ,Statuory bodies ,GS paper2 ,The Hindu )

Justice Sathasivam is in the running for the office of chairperson of NHRC. However, his earlier acceptance of a governor’s post makes him eminently unsuitable for the sensitive job The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) is the premier body that investigates abuses and violations of human rights in India. Set

Indian Ocean warms as Pacific cools (Physical Geography ,GS paper 1 ,Prelims,The Hindu )

Though surface heat of Earth has stabilised since 1999, studies have found that atmospheric heat continues to rise unabated with the oceans absorbing a large amount of this heat and warming in the past decade (2000-2012). However, a new study by Sang-Ki Lee of the University of Miami, U.S., and

Monsoon: need for better prediction of Indian Ocean events(Hindu ,Climate ,GSpaper 1 ,Geography

As a deficient southwest monsoon looms large, scientists are predicting that a developing ‘El Nino’ condition in the Pacific Ocean might cause possible below normal rains this year. During ‘El Nino’, the surface of the eastern and central Pacific Ocean gets unusually warmer as against the normal pattern of western

Linkages between Extremism and Development(Unacademey Article )

Peace and stability are prerequisites for development and it is the same development which paves the way for the prosperity of a country. The condition of war torn countries involved in years of civil war which are also least developed in nature   (for ex – Sudan, Somalia, Congo) project the relation