[Mock Test 3] India Yearbook Chapter 1 to 12: one hundred MCQs for UPSC Prelims

Question 1 to 25 1. Which is CORRECT? Rakhine Hills in North-Eastern part of India The little desert extends between Jaisalmer and Jodhpur Answer Choices 1 Only 2 Only 1 & 2 None 2. Which is CORRECT? The Eastern Ghats average elevation is about 610 meters. The Cardamom Hills be

Fishermen discover river in Bay of Bengal(GS Paper 1 , Geography . HIndu)

Movement of freshwater mass begins at the end of the summer monsoon Fishermen have helped oceanographers discover a river in the sea that has been meandering its way along the eastern coast of the Bay of Bengal (BoB) after summer monsoon. A decade-long coastal salinity observations, carried out at eight

Alternative livelihoods interfering in Sunderbans? (Environment and Biodiversity ,GS paper 3 ,GnY )

Are alternative livelihood sources, such as bee-keeping, interfering with the ongoing natural processes in the world’s largest continuous mangrove forests – the fragile Sunderbans? Scientists of the Zoological Survey of India (ZSI) have recently discovered something unusual in the activity of insects that flit around the mangrove plants collecting pollen

Climate engineering may better protect coral reefs (environment and Biodiversity ,GnY ,GS paper 3)

When it comes to protecting coral reefs from rising seawater temperature, climate engineering could be a better method than conventional carbon dioxide (CO2) mitigation strategies, new research says. Geoengineering of the climate may be the only way to save coral reefs from mass bleaching which increases coral mortality risk, the

Super computer launched, to improve weather forecasting (Science and TEch ,Gs paper 3 ,prelims ,GnY )

Science and Technology Minister Harsh Vardhan on Tuesday inaugurated a ‘high performance’ computing facility at NCMRWF that will improve the country’s weather forecasting capabilities. Claiming that the supercomputer named ‘Bhaskara’ has placed India in the league of the US and European countries, Harsh Vardhan said: “Our facilities for predicting weather

Glass deposits show Mars once had life (Space Science ,GS paper 3 ,GnY )

 In a pioneering feat, researchers have discovered glass deposits on the Red Planet, providing a delicate window into the possibility of past life on the Red Planet. Using data from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), the team from Brown University detected deposits of glass within impact craters on Mars formed

China consumes songbird till extinction ()Environment and Biodiversity ,Geography and You ,GS paper 3 )

A recent study by the UK-based Bird Life International and its India partner, BNHS India has recorded a 90 per cent drop in the population of what was one of the most commonly found Eurasian birds since 1980. Yellow-breasted Buntings, as the report suggests, have also retracted its range by

Connection between brain and lymphatic system discovered (Science and Tech ,GS paper 3 ,The Hindu )

Textbooks of medicine say that there is no direct connection between the brain and the lymphatic system. Yet, a paper published recently in the journal Naturerefers to the discovery of exactly such a connection. The researchers are from the School of Medicine, University of Virginia. While it is quite a startling