Make train services viable: panel( GS paper 2 , Bibek Debroy Committee Report ,The Hindu)

‘Regulator should be kept out of Rail Bhavan’ Improving accountability, decentralising power and setting up an independent regulator are the key elements for the restructuring of Indian Railways, NITI Aayog member Bibek Debroy says. The panel on restructuring of the Indian Railways, headed by Mr. Debroy, submitted its final report

[Download] IAS Topper Notes for Geography Optional- VP Gautham (AIR-138/CSE-2013)

Note1: Geomorphology and climatology (partial) origin of Earth interior of the earth, discontinuities volcanism and earthquakes Continental and ocean basins continental drift theory: assumptions and evidences seafloor spreading Paleo-Magnetism plate tectonics theory landforms types: Mountains, geomorphic cycles, glaciation, desert landforms and arid landforms, Coastal landforms climatology: evaporation and latent heat