Pacific Alliance and India (GS paper 2 ,regional groupings ,Gateway House )

The Pacific Alliance (PA) is the latest addition to Latin American regional groupings that include MERCOSUR, Andean Community, ALBA and SICA. Comprising Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile, the PA is a vibrant, dynamic and ambitious group, while the other four blocs are struggling with internal political and economic difficulties. The PA’s

SCO-BRICS: A Big Summit in Ufa (THE Diplomat ,regional Cooperation ,GS paper 2 ,IR )

Since the beginning of the Ukraine crisis there has been a clear shift in the tectonic plates of global geopolitics. An increasingly assertive Russia and China are challenging the U.S.-dominated order in a myriad of ways, but the actual contours of the emerging multipolar world are still hazy. On the one hand,

TPP and RCEP: the hare and the tortoise? (Important Agreements ,GS paper 2 ,Gateway House )

The Trans-Pacific Partnership might soon be concluded if the U.S. Congress fast-tracks it, as recently announced, while the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement remains on slow-track. But the TPP, although ambitious, follows an outdated template, and it is the dynamic RCEP that can be a model for a new global

Why Israel Matters to India (And Modi) (IR ,GS paper 2 ,Political Science ,Gateway House )

When Narendra Modi makes a trip to Israel sometime later this year, he will be the first Indian Prime Minister to visit, formalising a relationship often conducted behind closed doors, clandestine meetings and secret agreements. The announcement is already generating heat, with some criticising it, others urging caution–with one commentator suggesting a counter-balancing visit to Israeli

FDI in insurance: Slugfest on between local, global brokers (FDI ,GS paper 3 ,Indian Express )

An intense tussle is on between foreign and Indian insurance brokers on the issue of higher foreign direct investment (FDI) in the domestic insurance broking industry. The Insurance Brokers  Association of India (IBAI) has staunchly opposed the demand of oversees insurance brokers to raise FDI from 49 per cent to

India’s Stakes and Dilemma in SCO (Important regional organisations ,GS paper 2 ,IDSA )

India hopes to become a member the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) at its Ufa Summit on 9-10 July 2015. A formal application was put in last year when all legal hurdles were removed – short of ratifying a lengthy 28 draft documents of the grouping. A recent statement coming from Moscow

Controversy over Lipu-Lekh Pass: Is Nepal’s Stance Politically Motivated? (Gs paper 2 ,IDSA ,India and its neighborhood- relations )

After lying dormant for years, the Nepal-India border dispute over Kalapani has once again become embroiled in controversy. Nepal claims that the Lipu-Lekh Pass, which was mentioned in the joint statement of May 15, 2015 during Prime Minister Modi’s visit to China, is a disputed tri-junction in which Nepal has

Ensuring Peace in the Northeast (IDSA , Internal security ,Insurgency ,GS paper 3 )

A number of attacks in the last three months on Army and Assam Rifles convoys and posts in Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur invite focus on the deteriorating security situation in the Northeast region. An umbrella organisation called United National Liberation Front of West South East Asia (UNLFW), comprising of a