The Taliban challenge(hinduEditorial, World News)

Monday’s attack on the Afghan Parliament building demonstrated the Taliban’s unshaken capability to strike at even the most fortified of complexes in Kabul. This fits into its strategy of staging high-profile assaults aimed at gaining asymmetric superiority in the Afghan war. In the past they had attacked the Presidential Palace, the U.S.

Groundwater depletion in India worst in world ( GnY , Geography , GS paper 1 ,prelims )

 Groundwater is disappearing fast from the world and India is among the worst hit, shows data from NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) satellites. Among the world’s largest groundwater basins, the Indus Basin aquifer of India and Pakistan, which is a source of fresh water for millions of people,

Adequate Empowerment of the Services and Financial Oversight Yet to be Achieved( IDSA ,Defence organisation , GS paper 3 )

With effect from 1 May 2015, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has instituted a set of enhanced delegated financial powers to the three Services, Integrated Defence Staff and its attached establishments, Coast Guard and the Armed Forces` Medical Services. In addition, the MoD has issued guidelines for the exercise of

Book says climate change will affect global food security and trade (climate Change ,GS paper 3 ,DTE )

In several regions of the world, water scarcity will reduce the capacity to grow crops Warmer, drier conditions nearer the equator may reduce crop production while moderate warming may, at least for a short-term, benefit yields further away, the book says (Credit: Vikas Choudhary) Global warming will have a profound

Government report reveals weak spots in functioning of Indian pharma industry (Pharma Industry ,GS paper 3 ,DTE )

Staff crunch, transparency issues and outdated trial methods plague monitoring activity To bring about transparency, digitalisation of clinical trials has been recommended by the government task force (Credit: Taki Steve/Flickr) A latest government report shows that India suffers from poor monitoring quality when it comes to drug inspection due to