Ganga mission launches mobile app and site to collect data from public(Polity,Scitech,)

The government had earlier launched an app to seek information on availability of toilets across the country Credit: Sushmita Sengupta In an effort to bring technology to the rescue of highly-polluted River Ganga, the government has decided to use crowdsourcing to gather geo-spatial information about the river. For this, T

Focus must be on children ‘left behind’, says UN study(DTE,)

According to a UNICEF report, despite achievements, millions of children live in poverty and die before the age of five, miss schooling and suffer from chronic malnutrition The UN agency warns that progress eludes nearly 6 million children, who die every year before they reach their fifth birthday (Credit: Kumar

Tajikistan launches new methodology to measure poverty(Economy,World News)

The World Bank and the Tajikistan government have been jointly collecting, analysing and reporting high-quality poverty data The chart shows poverty trends in Tajikistan calculated by TajStat using the new method and Household Budget Survey data. (Credit: The World Bank) Tajikistan has launched a new approach to measure poverty, marking

Colour-changing condom can help detect sexually transmitted infection(DTE,Health)

Molecules in the condom react with bacteria in the infection, triggering a change in colour on both sides of the condom For representation purpose only (Photo: Dedi Efendi/Flickr) A group of students at the Isaac Newton Academy in Essex, England, have invented a “smart” condom to detect sexually transmitted infection

Economics of Solid Waste in India(WasteDisposal,epw)

Download PDF version This article provides an overview of the economics of solid waste, and related issues. Public attention to solid waste and recycling has increased in India. In response, economists have developed models to help policymakers choose an efficient mix of policy levellers to regulate solid waste management and

Army’s Transborder Raid in Myanmar Interrogating the Claims(IR,EPW,Defense)

Download PDF version Some reasonably astounding claims have been made about the commando raid carried out by the Indian Army on rebel camps in Myanmar. A long-time observer of the region and military operations there separates the chaff to prise out the possible grain of truth. Subir Bhaumik ( is

India’s War against Itself A View from Manipur (InternalSecurity,epw)

application/pdf iconDownload PDF version Delhi’s chest-thumping journalists are becoming mere stenographers of power, forgetting to ask questions and interrogate offi cial narratives. A journalist from Manipur recounts the events leading up to and around the 9 June 2015 “surgical strikes” by the Indian Army against insurgents and explains the event

Tianxia A Distinctly Chinese Vision of Global Hegemony(EPW,IR)

Download PDF version An exploration of a new Chinese vision of international relations which positions the erstwhile “Middle Kingdom” as the 21st century’s lodestar of global stability and progress. Itty Abraham ( is a scholar of international relations and nuclear histories based at the National University of Singapore. There are

Modi’s Israel Stake(IR,epw)

Download PDF version An ideological impetus has been given to a growing, albeit difficult, relationship. It was an announcement which was expected from the day Prime Minister Narendra Modi took office. It has always been a question of when, and not if, Modi would visit Israel. And, yet, the announcement